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It is a scientific and technological enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of electroplating additives and other products.






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Customer service

Customer service

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Efficient customer service


Satisfying customers"expectations and solving customers"problems are our ultimate goal, and providing customers with good products and services is the direction of our efforts. We know that: customers are our partners, only customer recognition, we can survive; only customer satisfaction, we can develop.

Establish professional customer service: clarify the specific requirements of customers, design feasible technical solutions, and implement in production after successful testing. Customers use the company's products, the company's technical engineers will provide after-sales tracking services to ensure that customers have a profound understanding of the company's products, and safeguard the best interests of customers.

The company has an open electroplating technology laboratory, which can help customers to maintain and manage the plating bath free of charge, and provide plating bath analysis and magazine analysis for customers. Hell cell test, product laboratory test, coating thickness test and other services to help customers prepare production operation instructions. In order to ensure the stable state of customer production process and maximize production profits.