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Employee recognition dinne

Employee recognition dinne

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On May 27, our company held a simple and solemn recognition dinner. We commended our staff who have served for ten or fifteen years, and sent 9999 gold coins as a souvenir.

Thank them for their loyalty and dedication to Haikeshun. They have used their efforts to improve the quality of the company. Every day, they use their hearts to create their own excellence belonging to Haikeshun. Thank them very much for their strong sense of responsibility and mission. Over the past decade, Haikeshun has made remarkable achievements through the joint efforts of all its employees. In the increasingly fierce and cruel environment of industry competition, Haikeshun is still developing steadily, highlighting our strong growth momentum. The development and growth of the company can not be separated from the silent support and selfless dedication of all the staff, I would like to say here: you have worked hard!

In the next ten or twenty years, Haikeshun hopes to continue to work side by side with all employees and create brilliance again.

Employee recognition dinne

Employee recognition dinne

Employee recognition dinne