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Electroplating process of HKS ®- Zinc Alloy

Product Description
Alkaline galvanizing-nickel alloy process
Description:  Main performance:

1. The high antirust ability is 5 times higher than that of traditional cyanide galvanizing. Even after heating treatment, the corrosion resistance is also very good. According to the thickness of passivator, sealant and coating, the neutral salt spray test can not produce red rust for more than 1000 hours, and no white rust for more than 240 hours.

2. The nickel content of the coating is 12 ≤ 15%, the current density area of the process operation is wide, the crystallization of the coating is fine, the high current region is not easy to burn, and the distribution of nickel content is uniform, so it can be used for hanging plating or rolling plating.

3, The hydrogen brittleness of zinc-nickel alloy coating is very small, which is suitable for electroplating high strength steel and can also be used as cadmium substitute coating.

4. The nickel metal ions are supplemented and maintained by adding.

5. The passivation of the zinc-nickel alloy coating is easy, and the trivalent natural color, the blue, the color and the black passivation treatment can be carried out.

Scope of application:

1. Parts requiring high corrosion resistance.

2, Screws, nuts, screws, etc. Fasteners

3. Automobile manufacturing industry

4. Electrical and building parts


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